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First of all, we need to customize a decorative screen with the existing size. The design of decorative screen is very important. According to the detailed drawings after field measurement, the style of stainless steel decorative screen can be determined. In the right place with modern simple decoration style good-looking? How to choose a screen that suits you? Let's learn about it with the stainless steel hotel decoration.
1、 The first thing you need to pass is the porch. In order to make a good impression on the guests, the design of stainless steel decorative screen is very important. How to decorate?
The general customized stainless steel decorative screen project is from the height to the top, and the surrounding area is fixed with black stainless steel, which can increase the permeability of the porch and reflect the effect of modern simple decoration style. In order to avoid the leakage of privacy, it should also be installed on the screen in the living room, which can be opened or closed at any time. Such decorative screen will be very good.
2、 Design method of decorative screen:
1. The living room and dining room are separated by modern Chinese screens with permeability, which are light and do not occupy the floor area. The outer frame adopts the same green color as the window frame paint, and the middle main body has the classical charm of the surface of the classical carving, which adds a lot of color to the charm of the whole restaurant. In order to ensure the privacy of the space, without destroying the transparent and bright lighting of the whole space, and to create a sense of space difference for the residents psychologically, a partition is set here, and the metal screen cooperates with the overall style of the room, which increases certain space changes.
2. In the concave partition, hollow carving partition and small and medium-sized apartment partition created by the living room decoration screen partition, it mainly combines the beauty, use and price. If the similar screen partition is made in the villa space with enough budget, the continuous design can block the brake, light and ventilation, smooth moving line and other functions in school.
3. A metal partition between the bathrooms can be used in the home with insufficient lighting or small space. The material of stainless steel decorative screen will not block the light, and the transparent texture will make the whole home bright, transparent and spacious, and expand the originally narrow space invisibly. At the same time, the area is divided, and the function of each space is clear
3、 Generally, there are two types of screens: floor type and multi fold type, which are transparent, translucent, closed and hollow. For the interval, it is better to use the closed type, with the height slightly higher than the horizontal line of sight of people. To surround the corner, you can use the hollow type, which is lively and lively. If it is used to block people's line of sight, make the screen into a 90 degree right angle form. If only used as decoration, transparent or translucent effect is better. Different seasons can also choose different texture, different colors of the screen. For example, in autumn, the color of the screen should be bright; in summer, the light color should be selected to make the room appear fresh and cool.
1. When choosing the movable partition screen in the home, we should pay attention to whether its style matches the indoor style. The color choice should not be too fancy and gorgeous, which is easy to cause visual fatigue and confusion. Also, we should not create a mix of multiple styles in the room, which is easy to cause visual confusion and reversal.
2. The actual height and size of the movable partition screen shall be determined according to the size and demand of the space. During the installation, do not stand against the ceiling top, which is not conducive to the disassembly and re installation in the future. If you choose too small movable partition screen, it will produce a strong sense of depression and pressure when placed in the large room.
3. Secondly, choose the materials of the movable partition screen and the frame materials. In terms of the materials, choose the materials equivalent to the indoor furniture or the matching of the same grade. If you don't choose properly, it will form a sharp indoor contrast, which is abrupt.
When choosing the movable partition screen, we should pay attention to whether the style, shape and production process of the movable partition are excellent and exquisite, and whether the layout process is exquisite and not rough, especially the layout selection of the retro movable partition screen such as sculptor, embroiderer and inlayer. Stainless steel lattice is a kind of lattice made of stainless steel by laser cutting, welding, grinding and wire drawing. At present, there are two types of stainless steel lattice. They are laser cutting brushed stainless steel screen and welding brushed stainless steel screen.
The above design methods of stainless steel hotel decorative screens are introduced here first. For more information, please consult the official website http://www.sdshbxg.com/.